Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Family!
This blog will be to show our journey of following God as He leads us to serve Him in Utah. Here is a quick about us:

This is me (Jenn) and my husband, Brian. I am holding #6 and we are standing in front of the house we sold in Greer. We met in Sept 1998 and were married in Aug 1999. We have been blessed by the Lord with our 6 (!!!) children!

From oldest to youngest:
#1, 13, 7th grade - He loves being the biggest brother (mostly)!
#2, 11, 6th grade - He is so loving and will make a great Dad one day!
#3, 9, 3rd grade - He is a character! His personality is happy-go-lucky and he just rolls with it!
#4, 6, 1st grade - He loves his family and is very loving to all of us!
#5, 3 - He is amazing! He loves his brothers and is trying hard to be just like them!
#6, 14 months - She is the only girl in our Y-chromosome-filled world! In an effort to keep her girly she wears lots of bows and pink!!

I hope this serves to introduce everyone. Soon I will post about our journey up to this point!

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